I approached a woman with the intention to tell her about the Saturday Sabbath. But before I had a chance to say anything she said “The man of sin is going after those who are keeping the lunar Sabbath”; then a chase ensued by someone I perceived as Satan.
20 January 2013

I saw Jesus crucified from a distance and it was narrated to me that he died on the full moon.
24 February 2013

Lucifer is the spoiled brat that uses his hacking skills in the matrix to break into your private construct to cause mayhem. I saw a cinema audience became locked into a trance state and were living an alternate life as terminator robots. I was then living the computer game “Spy Vs. Spy: The Island Caper”, and afterwards I was then told by God that love is the key, and I was missing it.
27 March 2013

An angel appeared to me in my bedroom and told me he was two minutes late. Then he showed me people in the future that were starting to live in underground communities. He then explained to me with visuals that it will seem like a good idea at the time but wasn’t due to it being unnatural; no mountains, trees, wildlife, rivers and sunlight. Afterwards I was at the front door with him and his companion and he said “Now is the time to start preparing to leave and be self-sufficient without money; The yellow brick road and the mystery of Oz is going to be revealed”.
22 November 2013

I walked away from an unrighteous religious movement blameless. I was shown my autobiography and relived moments from my past. It was surprisingly accurate and powerful; containing the three angels’ message. I was then shown the last clip; near the beginning but I had no recollection. I found myself repeating past testimony in support of lunar Sabbath. I stopped myself because I no longer had faith that this doctrine was of God. Then two angels appeared in hazmat suits holding cue cards and rewound time back to where I deviated from. I continued to resist but it was futile as I was stuck in the time loop until I repeated word for word the original message.
15 August 2014

There were two men dressed in ancient apparel. One was a very concerned man and the other a prophet. The concerned man said that God intends to destroy the world according to this prophet; that none of the past prophets knew because they never read ahead but this one did. The prophet confirmed this was true and then the concerned man pleaded not to help God anymore with his plans.
26 August 2015

At a hospital I received a family in my office that wished to speak to me. The wife handed me a book written by Ellen White which was the Ministry of Healing and it had over 20 bookmarks throughout the book which were numbered from one. She took out the bible and said they were non-scripturally supported. The husband remarked that they shouldn’t be here imposing their religious beliefs on others but I genuinely was interested to know. Upon leaving I asked if Ellen White was a false prophet; I received a perplexing look back from the wife which I took to mean she might be… because I was thinking at the time why else would they bring this information to my attention. But I never received an actual answer back from them regarding my question.
25 October 2015

Instead of isolation it is better explained to the individuals that disobedience gives Satan an opportunity to takeover and lead the church astray with a distracting message not from God.
14 February 2016

In England confronted celebrities about their complicity in allowing the Illuminati to taking over. Squirted water in one of their faces, then held his face and apologized saying if I could take his place in the judgement I would. Then time froze and appeared behind me leaning against a stone wall was a man that looked like Jesus dressed in a silk white and purple clergy robe. Then I saw a graphically animated commercial starting with the number 1066. I think it was about Scotland and the slogan was building a brighter future. Then the commercial ended with the number 1972.
10 June 2016

The truth about Jesus being Enoch was being shared by a man in the early day of Christianity. He shared his discoveries with the people, religious leaders and once with a Roman Catholic priest. At this point in time they erroneously believed that Jesus was God and his discovery caused such outrage that they not only destroyed his writings but also sought to remove all references from scripture that substantiates the doctrine.
20 October 2016

A page in an open bible was shown and read aloud to me. It started from a new paragraph and read “So obey God”.
26 October 2016

The Adventists are doing a sinful task none of the other Christian denominations want to do. They are invoking in name the sinful sacraments the other Christian denominations perform; thus benefiting from their acts.
19 January 2017

Remember the (glass) light house of God; her feast days were once so few.
25 September 2017

An outburst leading to an out of character act of cruelty was regretted. I sought repentance from the owner whom I had never met before, but who knew me and what I had done. He was angry but forgave me and advised that I keep my behavior in check.
29 September 2017

For I am trying to break free, but others are not ready to advance. Some will only continue on with (the knowledge concerning) the Father, son and the holy spirit.
7 October 2017

I made an unplanned journey to visit my love in the Caribbean, not knowing if she would be home.
10 March 2018

I was in China on vacation with my wife. An air raid siren sounded and we found cover. Thousands of meteorites were striking the earth, destroying buildings and cars. After the all clear I tried to contact my love but my wife took my phone.
2 June 2018

I was at a civil wedding ceremony in a modern building marrying my love, standing beside a great multitude of guests on stage.
1 October 2018

I was with my wife visiting a city with old English architecture. Then I was rescuing my love, walking with her into a Caribbean town after passing through a military check-point.
7 October 2018

Whilst hosting an event and carrying-out a COVID-19 test on a famous VIP, I made a phone call to Alex for him to speak with our VIP guest, but before handing the phone over I had an off-air conversation where I mentioned my related dreams concerning the rescue that came to fruition and my future prototype wedding.
12 April 2021