The purpose of this website is to present my own independent research that reveals biblical truth and exposes deceptions; focusing on the anti-Christ, lunar Sabbath, false trinity doctrine, and end time prophesies.

To share my background I was a non-practicing Roman Catholic. After beginning a journey to seek the truth back in 2006, I was drawn to the Seventh-Day Adventist church. During my time at this church, I followed the advice of the pastor, and successfully began having a two-way conversation with God. I then later became a baptized member but ended my affiliation when my church rejected both the received messages and the truth, and then rejected both an interchurch study and escalation to the church conference.

The biblical truths I have published were either chosen by God for me to research, the findings reached from research were confirmed as truth by God, or have been established based on the weight of best scriptural evidence available at the time, and therefore as more evidence becomes available they will be reassessed.

All my latest research can be downloaded as pamphlets available here.

Paul Heinlein